Cotton & paper

-we can offer GOTS/EcoCert certified cotton products.

We have a well-established network of quality suppliers and have developed a wide range of cotton and paper products for several customers in Europe. The factories are certified in accordance with relevant standards such as ISO 9001, 13485, GOTS, FSC and PEFC.

Cotton products

Within the cotton category there are pads/pads of various sizes, cotton sticks, balls, pleated cotton and medical cotton and can be labeled according to the Nordic Swan and GOTS/EcoCert quality certificates. We have cotton pads in several different shapes and sizes such as round, square and oval.

The cotton we use can have varying (different) weights in terms of grams depending on whether the aim is for exclusive or standard quality. The products can be customized as we deliver both sewn and pressed pads.

We can supply two types of cotton swabs standard and safety swabs which are specially adapted for use on children.

Paper products

In the category of paper products, we have experience in developing handkerchiefs and napkins in standard “pocket” and in paper boxes, with both soft and extra soft paper and can be labeled according to the Swan and FSC quality certificates.

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