- a profitable category where quality is crucial.

For intimate care and intimate hygiene, it is extremely important to have the right product quality and formulations. These products are used both on skin and mucous membranes and must care for, protect and offer security for the user. We follow the latest trends and legal regulations. It is possible to develop a standard or certified product range according to the Nordic Swan within tampons, pads and panty liners.

We also produce intimate products such as wash, cream or gel, all carefully selected formulations for the most sensitive parts of the body.

Intimate Wash & Creams

Cleaning is an important part of every woman’s daily routine. With this in mind, we have developed cleansing products as part of the complete intimate range. Our products contain quality ingredients for the most sensitive part of the body. A complete intimate care range contains effective cleansing products such as intimate wash, foam, oil and wipes. We also recommend soothing leave-on products for irritated and dry skin, such as creams and gels.

Dependable protection

In addition to tampons and dependable protection, we can also offer different types of panty protection. Our Panty liners provide a soft and dry feeling as they absorb and encapsulate the liquid, every moment, every day. The top layer is made of a non-woven material and the core part can be made with the material SAP, paper pulp or cotton. The crotch protectors are available in different variants and sizes with or without wings.


Complete range of tampons, from mini to superplus. The products can be packed in different types of packaging, for example bags or cartons. We also offer different tampon types; digital, butterfly, crosshead and with an applicator. We can offer Nordic Swan registered tampons as well as organic alternatives.

Sanitary pads

Complete range of sanitary pads for different body types that have their specific needs for optimal absorption and protection. The product range includes small, normal and long sizes and can be designed with or without wings. The upper layer is made of a material called non-woven spunlace and the core can be made of SAP, pulp or cotton.

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