Medical devices

- we have knowledge of medical devices according to the MDR.

We have developed a network of certified suppliers with the necessary quality standards and an assortment of products within the most common product categories. We are happy to present the opportunities in the categories and to guide you through the launch process.

We take care to ensure products and labeling on packaging (that) are manufactured according to the required quality certificates.

Wound care

The assortment may contain plasters, spray plasters and different types of bandages. The patch range is wide; strips, round, waterproof, for sensitive skin, special patches such as hydrocolloid, wart patches and herpes patches. The materials we use for bandages are gauze or non-woven. The products are sterile, and can be individually packaged or packed in large packages.


We currently sell both pregnancy and ovulation tests. We work with various reliable suppliers and the tests are developed to comply with Directive 98/79/EC. The tests are available as sticks and strips and can have different sensitivities, from 10 to 50 mIU/ML. The products are packaged in an individual bag for maximum protection of the test. We help you with the information required on the package insert and packaging.


Thermometers for both adults and children. The product range includes both standard thermometers and advanced ones with a flexible top. The thermometers are reliable and produced according to ISO 13485, to be approved as medical equipment. The consumer packaging is normally a paper box with Eurohook, which facilitates visibility in the store.

Lens fluids

We sell lens fluid for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and moisturizing all types of soft contact lenses. It is possible to develop different types of formulations and bottle sizes, from 100 ML up to 360 ML. The lens solution is manufactured according to ISO 13485 to be approved as medical technology.

Cooling or warming wraps

We can develop cold/warm wraps in different sizes, S/M/L and colors. The products can be heated on the stove or in the microwave and are used to reduce swelling or to prevent bruising. To treat  non-inflammatory pain, the wraps should be warmed before use.


We can develop biocide products such as mosquito repellants, lice repellants, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant liquid for hands and products for surface cleaning. We ensure that the products are labeled with all the necessary information to comply with current regulations.

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