Food supplements & vitamins

- high-quality production in Sweden.

In our modern factory in Gamleby, Västervik, we have the capacity and experience to produce high-quality and innovative nutritional supplements and vitamins. The production chain is characterized by a quality focus in accordance with the FSSC 22000 and HACCP certificate. All machines have their own production rooms with excess pressure, which prevents cross-contamination.

Our machines can produce most types of dietary supplements available on the market and we have the ability to mix both large and small batches, so you can optimize your purchases as needed. With our long and solid knowledge within the category, we are happy to help you with development projects for new brands or category development.


Since the start of Topformula in 2004, we have developed over 500 unique recipes, so it is easy to find exactly the product you are looking for. We have a wide range of dietary supplements in tablet form and can offer you both round and lozenges.

Effervescent tablets

We offer our customers a wide range of effervescent tablets. The products can be, for example, single vitamins (B, C, D), multivitamins or fluid replacement. We can develop the products so that they are adapted to your desired flavors, for example lemon, orange or berry flavor. The effervescent tablets are normally packaged in a tube with 20 tablets of 4 grams each, but we can also make other packaging sizes. The tubes can be delivered with or without an outer carton.


Topformula provides our customers with various types of food supplements in capsules. We have a wide range of products that contain, for example, omega-3, magnesium, collagen, plant extracts and lactic acid bacteria. We can offer capsules in three different sizes, vegetable (HPMC) and gelatin (bovine). Capsules can be perceived as more exclusive and easier to swallow when compared to tablets.


Our product range also includes various forms of powder products, for example, Whey Protein and Casein. We offer our customers both sports and diet products in this segment, all with a selection of taste options. Powder can be packed either in a doypack or in a jar depending on how you would like to position your brand.

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